$ 30 million stairs criticized by New Yorkers

'Taxpayers' Waste': $ 30 Million Stairs Criticized by New Yorkers

MTA officials unveil a brand new staircase and entrance to Times Square

The Metropolitan Transport Authority (MTA) is the transit service responsible for train, bus and other transportation services in New York City. Recently, MTA officials unveiled a brand new staircase and entrance to the Times Square subway station at a cost of 30 million. It has faced strong criticism from city residents, who have expressed it on social media.

The MTA summarized the opening of the new station in a tweet, “Today, we unveiled a brand new accessible subway entrance at Times Square-42 St. Station. Located at 43 St & Broadway in the heart of @TimesSquareNYC, the modern entrance features a new elevator, a 15-foot wide staircase and @MTAArtsDesign mosaic artist Nick Cave. “

Using 10 new turnstiles, eighteen cameras, an accessible elevator, new stairs and বিশাল 30 million for a huge mosaic work of artist Nick Cave, the station’s new entrance opens directly into the historic Time Square.

According to New York Post, Jamie Torres-Springer, president of construction and development at MTA, described the entrance to the new Times Square on Monday as “under-budgeted and $ 8 million on time”.

International experts, however, say that New York’s transit projects are the most expensive in the world.

Social media, however, has been unable to convey the huge price tag for this improvement and many have criticized them on Twitter.

A user named MDMyrmidon wrote “Pride that they ended up $ 8mm under budget. Who F budget, or about that, approves $ 38mm for stairs? Graft party goes on.”

Another user SimonLa07944847 wrote, “What a waste of taxpayers’ money !!!!!!!!! Maybe that money can be used to help homeless people in the city ?!”

Other users were even more ridiculous in their criticism of ldOldManRead user writing “The Empire State Building Cost 40 Million”

Another user wretchedcretin wrote “I used to do this for 25M”

Times Square is a major tourist attraction where many tourists use the train to visit the historic city square.

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