A British man has surrendered to police in connection with the killing of a duckling

A British man has surrendered to police in connection with the killing of a duckling

Police said the investigation is still ongoing. (Unsplash / representative image)

A 61-year-old man in the UK has handed himself over to police in an investigation, claiming that three ducklings were “crushed” by an impatient van driver while crossing the road.

Staffordshire police are following up on reports last week that a group of seven ducklings “couldn’t wait” to cross a road in the Trentham area. Now, in a brief statement, police say the man from Stoke-on-Trent was “voluntarily interviewed” on Sunday after a witness uploaded a photo on social media.

Sky News The report said traffic was closed on Friday to allow a duck family to cross the road, but motorists were upset after a man in a white van crushed three of the seven young birds. Tragic images shared on the Internet show ducklings lying on the street, giving rise to numerous posts calling for a criminal investigation.

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The photos were shared by several high-profile Twitter users, including animal rights activist Dominic Dyer, who accused the driver of being a “selfish, cruel fool.”

Following the outcry on social media, police have launched an investigation to ascertain whether any offenses have been committed under the Wildlife and Countryside Act. Staffordshire Police have urged the public not to take matters into their own hands.

According to media outlets, the incident came to light after an eyewitness, Steven Wally, shared a version of his story on social media. Mr Wally said he was “outraged” after being described as “disgusting”.

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The Internet user further stated that he followed the van to a nearby labyrinth and had a “very heated conversation” with the driver. Mr Wally said the driver responded by saying, “I don’t care f *******”.

Now, Staffordshire Police say the investigation is still ongoing.

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