A UK woman recalls rescuing a baby boy who fell into a 20-foot drain

'The scariest day of my life': UK woman recalls rescuing baby boy who fell into 20-foot drain

The incident happened when Amy Blythe was walking with her son.

A woman in the UK jumped into a drain to rescue her 18-month-old son who fell through a manhole cover. The work was caught on a CCTV installed in the area and went viral.

The horrific incident happened on Sunday when Amy Blyth, 23, was walking with her son Theo in Ashford, Kent, according to her Facebook post. The child went to investigate a drain cover, and the cover that was closed on top of him disappeared immediately after it broke.

Mrs. Blythe, who was right behind the boy, was shocked to see her son lost. He tried to catch her, but couldn’t, and the boy fell into a deep ditch.

Without a second thought, Mrs. Blyth jumped into the drain and pulled out Theo, who was covered in human sewers. He shared the experience on his Facebook page.

“Yesterday was the scariest day of my life. In a million years, I never thought I would tear the lid off a drain to rescue my poor child, who could potentially lose his life, “he said in Monday’s post.

“Fortunately I was able to get my foot on the concrete and get my theo out while the shit was pouring urine on us,” he added.

The 23-year-old said she would “never recover from it mentally”, posting pictures of her son’s clothes covered in human waste.

The woman also attacked Southern Water, a utility agency responsible for collecting and treating public wastewater in Hampshire, the Isle of Wight, West Sussex, East Sussex and Kent.

“I will not give up until I get an answer as to why a drain was left so dangerous. I will fight every day to get what Theo deserves, ”he said on Facebook.

Southern Water apologized to the family, saying they were “taking the matter very seriously”. Daily letter. The agency has launched an investigation to find out who is responsible for the drain and the manhole.

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