‘About a quarter’ of humanity may be hungry – European leader

The Serbian president says the conflict in Ukraine could lead to “new problems” from hunger

Speaking at the 89th International Agriculture Fair in Novi Sade on Saturday, Serbian President Alexander Vusik said that if the war in Ukraine continues, prolonging the war could cause food shortages for about a quarter of the world’s population.

If the conflict in Eastern Europe does not change, about one-fourth of the world’s basic food will be needed, which will create new problems.Vucic said in his opening remarks at the week-long event in the Serbian city, which brings together exhibitors from 21 countries.

However, in early May, he said that Serbia would be relieved of the food shortage, which he predicted would hit a large part of the planet’s population next winter, which he said.The hardest in 70 years

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Russia’s actions undermine Western security – Russia

Vucic praised Serbia’s close ties with Hungary, explaining that the nation has become the second largest trading partner in the European Union. In his inaugural address, Hungarian President Victor Urban also agreed that both countries have strong agricultural sectors.
At the time of acknowledgment “Ongoing inflation, rising prices, hunger and conflict in Ukraine“Urban welcomes”The good news is that, based on discussions with Vusic, I can say that Hungary can rely on Serbia, Serbia on Hungary.

Our winters will be tough, but Serbia and Hungary have important food reserves, our two countries are safe in terms of natural gas.“Hungarian leader continues to criticize”Economically unacceptable measures adopted in Brussels“Against Russia.

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Urban has repeatedly described the EU sanctions on Russia as more harmful to Moscow than to Hungary and other European countries. “Like Serbia,” he said.Hungary has not imposed sanctions on Russia, the equivalent of a nuclear bombBudapest has so far thwarted EU efforts to impose a complete ban on Russian oil and gas imports.

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