After the Texas school shooting, the former FBI agent says there should be a “ballistic blanket.”

After the Texas school shooting, a former FBI agent says a 'ballistic blanket' should be installed on the wall.

Parents mourn outside Rob Primary School after being shot. (AFP photo)

A former FBI agent who appeared on a news show on Wednesday suggested that parents and schools in the United States should invest in “ballistic blankets” and other equipment to keep their children safe. Maureen O’Connell made the remarks while discussing mass shootings at Rob Elementary in Texas.

In the first five months of the year, it was the 199th shooting incident in the United States that killed 21 people, including 19 children.

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“Instead of buying toys for their kids, parents should invest in the classroom. There are some companies that will do this, they will come out and assess the whole school threat. They will say, ‘This is an area of ​​weakness. I will address it, “said Mrs. O’Connell on the Fox News program.

“They have blankets that you can put on the wall that are colorful and beautiful, but they are also ballistic blankets. There are ways to obscure the classroom windows so that the shooter does not hit the target,” he said in the video, which went viral on Twitter with over 400,000 views. Including.

The Uvalade town incident in Texas was the deadliest school shooting for the 2012 Sandy Hook Massacre.

This has once again intensified the controversy surrounding gun control – and whether this latest tragedy could have been prevented.

Eighteen-year-old Salvador Ramos, a teenage shooter, was killed by police. Robb shot his 8-year-old grandmother in the face before going to elementary school, police later said.

Ramos went on social media to share a plan to attack his grandmother – who was seriously injured but was able to alert police.

He then texted again that his next target was a school, where he was wearing armor and carrying an AR-15 rifle.

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