Airline Crew Assists Passenger Baby Delivery on Flights from Colorado to Florida

'Things got better': Airline crew assists passengers on Colorado to Florida baby delivery

The passenger welcomed his newborn daughter on the flight.

A Frontier Airlines flight attendant has been hailed as a “hero” in the United States for helping deliver a baby on a flight from Colorado to Florida. On Facebook, Frontier Airlines reported that flight attendant Diana Giraldo assisted a pregnant woman during an “unexpected delivery” on a flight from Denver International Airport to Orlando International Airport after which the passenger welcomed her newborn daughter.

The words “exemplary and calm” were used by Captain Chris Nai, who used Miss Geraldo’s heroic deeds to deliver a healthy baby in the middle of a flight. Frontier Airlines said: “The baby could not wait, so an early and unexpected delivery occurred on a flight from Denver International Airport to Orlando International Airport (MCO). Diana helped her mother in the back toilet and helped her give birth. “

Social media users have congratulated the new mom and praised the Frontier Airlines crew for “doing a great job in helping mom become a mother.” One user wrote, ‚ÄúThis is wonderful! What a blessing all went well. Congratulations to everyone involved! Great job !! “Another added,” This is a story that is not often told or heard. Grateful for the flight attendant and his knowledge and help. “

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Captain Nai said Mrs. Giraldo went up and out of Orlando to coordinate the return of the flight after the flight was over. He said that during the delivery he handed over control of the plane to his first officer as he coordinated a diversion at Pensacola Airport, where paramedics were waiting to assist.

“It was a good thing,” said Captain Nai. In the caption, Frontier Airlines further states that the mother of the newborn girl has decided to keep her child’s middle name Sky as a tribute to her birth position.

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