Alex Martinez tracing free speech on Twitter exec, says Elon Musk in the undercover

'Twitter Exec Trashing Free Speech': Elon Musk in the undercover video

Elon Musk says Twitter deal won’t go ahead until proof of number of spam accounts is found

New Delhi:

Tesla boss Elon Musk commented on a tweet that allegedly showed a secret recording of a Twitter executive explaining why the microblogging website was not profitable and spoke of internal resistance against Mr Musk’s purchase bid.

“He (Mr. Musk) has Asperger’s … so, he’s special … I like, you (Mr. Musk) have special needs – you literally have special needs … so, I can’t take you (Mr. Musk) seriously. What he says, “said the Twitter executive, who identified American right-wing activist group Project Veritas as Twitter’s lead client partner Alex Martinez.

The video was tweeted by Benny Johnson, who describes himself as the “Godfather of the Conservative Internet” and has millions of followers on his social media accounts. Mr Johnson tagged the Tesla boss in a video tweet for his comments.

Mr Musk responded: “Twitter is executing free speech trash and ridiculing people with Asperger’s …”

The Twitter employee in the video said that the company is not profitable because of their vigilant ideology and that the company tends to have “correct” opinions in front of people.

The video also shows Mr Martinez criticizing Mr Musk’s views on freedom of speech on the platform, saying “the rest of us who are here believe in something that is good for the planet and not just for people to talk about.”

“People don’t know how to make a reasonable decision if you don’t disclose – the right things that should be disclosed to the public, don’t you?” He said.

The latest video comes a day after a man described on Twitter as a senior engineer, a company that doesn’t believe in freedom of speech, and whose employees “hate” Bid to buy Mr Musk’s 44 44 billion company.

The Tesla CEO says the Twitter deal will not go ahead until he finds evidence of the number of spam accounts plaguing the platform, adding further uncertainty to the social media giant’s roller-coaster pursuit.

This latest twist has sparked speculation as to whether the world’s richest people are trying to shrink price tags or even move away from deals.

Mr Musk pressed for more information on Tuesday, writing to his nearly 94 million followers on the social network: “Yesterday, the CEO of Twitter publicly refused to show <5% proof. The deal cannot go ahead until he does."

Twitter CEO Parag Agarwal says the platform suspends more than half a million seemingly bogus accounts every day, usually before they are seen, and locks millions more weekly which fails to ensure they are controlled by humans, not software.

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