Amber responded to Hard’s accusation that she had “popped” Johnny Depp’s bed

'It's disgusting': Amber Hard responds to allegations that she 'pops' in Johnny Depp's bed

Amber Hard denies it was a deliberate prank. (File)

Many things have come to light during the defamation suit against Amber Hard, the ex-wife of Hollywood actor Johnny Depp. Now, while on stand, Mrs. Hard denies the allegation that she defecated in Mr. Depp’s bed “as a prank” after an argument between the pair.

According to Man.comMiss Hard was asked about the example on Monday when Mr Depp said she was shown a picture of “stool in bed” after Miss Hard went to Cochlea with friends in April 2016. In response, Aquaman The star explained that Mr Depp’s dog Burr had a “bathroom problem” and was responsible for defecating in bed.

Earlier this month, Johnny Depp testified that his ex-wife tried to blame the dog for the feces in the bed, but he did not believe the drop he saw in a picture could come from them. Small pets. He also referred to it as “stool delivery”. The Hollywood actor said there was no doubt it was “human stool”.

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Separately, Sterling Jenkins III, Mr Depp’s longtime executive chaplain and security guard, also said under oath at trial that Mrs Hard had told him that defecation was a “terrible practical joke”.

However, on Monday, during her tenure at the stand, Mrs. Hard addressed the scene and denied that it was a deliberate prank. According to, He also denied having any conversation with Mr. Jenkins about it. Mrs Hard testified that one of the dogs had a “bowel problem” and was often confined to her bed. He added that the dog was in bed when he was packing, so a bathroom accident could be avoided when he and his friend were heading for Cochlea.

“First of all, I don’t think it’s funny, I don’t know what adult women do,” said Mrs. Hard. I wasn’t in the mood for fun either, my life was breaking down, and I was at a turning point in my life. I was very serious and was attacked by my husband on my 30th birthday, with whom I was desperately in love and knew I needed to leave. It wasn’t a really fun time, and I don’t think it’s funny. Duration. It’s embarrassing. “

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Note that Johnny Depp is filing a defamation suit against Miss Hard for an op-ed of 2018 which he wrote for The Washington Post about Surviving Domestic Violence. Although Mrs. Hard did not name Mr. Depp in the editorial, her attorneys argued that people would associate her with the piece based on her previous allegations of abuse at the hands of the actor.

Johnny Depp and Amber Hard met on set in 2009 Ram Diary And was married in February 2015. Two years later, their divorce was finalized. Now, according to AFP, Judge Penny Azcaret has set May 27 as the final argument in the case, after which it will go to jury.

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