American woman throws a fit at McDonald’s after wrong order

'She Went McNaughts': US woman throws fit at McDonald's after wrong order

Surveillance video inside the restaurant shows Mrs. Jones shouting at McDonald’s employees.

A Florida woman was arrested last week after making a scene at a local McDonald’s restaurant. The woman, identified by authorities as Tianis Jones, went to the restaurant to pick up her order, but she was further annoyed when employees mistakenly ordered her.

Surveillance video inside the restaurant shows Mrs. Jones shouting at McDonald’s employees and throwing cups at the counter. He was even able to go behind the counter and hit the pile of cups in frustration. He then called the U.S. emergency number, 911, to complain about his order.

The local county sheriff, Grady Jude, released 2 minutes of the recording in which Mrs. Jones was heard to say, “I’m at McDonald’s, I’m five months pregnant … these guys don’t know how to escape *** *** McDonald’s I They want my money. They have tried to cheat me with my money. I want my money! “

In the video, another woman is seen trying to calm him down but it doesn’t seem to be working. He eventually left the restaurant but for some reason not before torking.

The Polk County Sheriff’s Twitter account posted May 21, “PCSO is looking for Tianis Jones when he visited a Lakeland McDonald’s in McNaughts on Thursday (5/19). “He will have no gold arches when we find him, but we will give him some silver handcuffs.”

An update to the account posted, “On Friday evening, May 20, the Polk County Sheriff’s Office arrested Tianis Jones, who had caused a disturbance at a McDonald’s restaurant in Lakeland the day before. In addition to the charges of burglary, assault, criminal mischief and disorderly conduct, Jones was charged with 911 misuse of the service during the ten-minute incident on Thursday, May 19.

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