As the Kovid outbreak continues, the Chinese capital has imposed further sanctions

As the Kovid outbreak continues, the Chinese capital has imposed further sanctions

Kovid in China: China has reported hundreds of infections in recent weeks.


Under Xi Jinping’s mismanagement of the Zero-Covid policy, parts of Beijing have again come under lockdown, as the epidemic spreads to more Chinese cities.

Authorities imposed a lockdown in Haidian district, along with Chawang, Fengtai, Shuni and Fangshan districts, China’s Global Times quoted a statement from Xu’s city government spokesman Xu as saying.

According to Chinese media reports, all indoor entertainment venues, gyms, training institutes and shopping malls have been closed from today, except for restaurants that provide delivery services and pharmacies.

All graded natural points in the capital city will be suspended, and at the same time, all park inspection capacity should be limited to 30 percent, the Global Times reported quoting a statement from Xu Hejian.

Residents of five districts in Beijing have been told to work from home until May 28 because the situation with the internally infected COVID-19 remains uncertain.

Explaining the reason for the increase in sporadic cases, Xu said that the COVID-19 condition is complicated by highly contagious omikron, with most patients presenting only mild symptoms.

He added that human disregard for the Covid-19 precautionary rules has also contributed to cluster outbreaks that exacerbate the risk of infectious diseases, the Global Times reported.

According to a report by the National Health Commission today, China on Saturday reported 157 locally infected confirmed COVID-19 cases, of which Beijing reported 52 newly confirmed locally infected COVID-19 cases and 9 local asymptomatic cases.

China’s widely circulated ‘Zero-Covid’ strategy, which the government recently credited with pulling the country out of the epidemic, is crumbling as fast-growing lawsuits are once again forcing a massive lockdown, such as 2020.

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