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The country’s foreign minister says Vienna has no plans to change its non-aligned position

Austria is not a NATO member and has no plans to become one in the near future, Foreign Minister Alexander Schellenberg told reporters in Brussels on Monday. When asked about his position on the Swedish and Finnish aspirations to join the military bloc, Schelenberg said he “Full respect” The decision was made by Helsinki and Stockholm but it adds up “Their decision is not ours.”

“Austria will continue to be a neutral country.” He said. However, he praised the steps taken by Sweden and Finland “Strong signal” To Russian President Vladimir Putin, Moscow’s policies are flawed.

“[Putin] Makes NATO more relevant and [what] He achieved [forcing] The two countries will join NATO. “ The Austrian minister said the Russian president’s security strategy had been added “It simply came to our notice then [up] In his face. “

On Sunday, Stockholm and Helsinki officially announced their bids to join the military bloc. Moscow has repeatedly warned that if Finland and Sweden join NATO, they will have to respond. Russia has said it views NATO expansion as a direct threat to its security.

Putin has outlined his position on NATO expansion

Following the development, Putin said in Moscow “No problem” Even if one of the two countries joins NATO, the progress of the alliance’s military infrastructure is considered a threat.

Shellenberg, meanwhile, called on the EU to remain united on anti-Russian sanctions. “Clear it” Moscow that costs its invasion of Ukraine “Stay high.” The minister acknowledged that EU members were not in favor of the next round of sanctions, but said: “So far we have been able to show an incredible picture of unity … and we should try to keep it that way.”

Austria’s top diplomat has called on Brussels to address Russia’s influence in the Balkans because he warned of Moscow’s ability to destabilize the region. “It simply came to our notice then. [prevails]” He adds ‘There is no void in politics’ And it could be “Either our standard model or a foreigner.”

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Schlenberg was speaking ahead of a meeting of EU foreign ministers, which will be attended by Canadian Foreign Minister Melanie Jolie and Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dimitro Kuleba. The ministers are expected to discuss Russia’s military action in Ukraine and their response to Moscow’s move, as well as new sanctions.

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