BBC News has been forced to apologize after “Manchester United Garbage” appeared.

BBC apologizes for showing 'Manchester United and rubbish' on ticker

The BBC reported that there was a “technical error”. (File)

BBC News An on-air apology after accidentally posting a message on their ticker labeling Manchester United football club “rubbish”.

During a broadcast on Tuesday, the news of the day was placed on the news ticker for viewers to watch. At one point, however, the ticker was strangely written “Manchester United Garbage”. The line popped up at the bottom of the screen during a tennis update on the broadcast from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m., after which the unusual moment caught the attention of Internet users who shared a clip on social media.

As shown in the video, Ticker was presenting various titles under the screen while playing a part of the French Open. At first, it showed nothing out of the ordinary, but then the situation took a turn when the media outlet accidentally labeled the football club as “rubbish”. After the ticker was “Weather rain everywhere”.

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The incident has confused social media users. Mistakes, A user Wrote, “Poor trainees must be disappointed! Imagine for a second you were transposed into the karmic driven world of Earl. ” Another Added, “Even BBC News Ticker is smiling at Manchester United, “said one Third user He said, “I apologize BBC News After a trainee, after learning how to put text on a ticker (headers that go to the bottom of the screen) accidentally utters the words “Manchester United Garbage” live on broadcast … fair and accurate reporting, IMO (opinion within me). “

At the end of the day, BBC Broadcaster Anita McVeigh, who was present at the time, apologized to the audience and to Manchester United fans who may have been offended.

Mrs McVeigh explained that the mistake was made because someone was learning how to handle the ticker and “was writing random things, not sincerely”. The presenter apologized and further reiterated that it was a mistake. He added that the ticker was not meant to appear on screen. According to Freedom, BBC A statement added that there was a “technical error” during training with the test ticker.

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