Bermuda Triangle Cruise Ship Promises Full Refund If Missing

Bermuda Triangle Cruise Ship Promises Full Refund If Missing

A cabin on a Bermuda Triangle cruise ship will cost around 4 1,450. (Representative)

New York:

In a bizarre offer, a cruise bound for the mysterious Bermuda Triangle has promised passengers full refunds if the ship disappears, UK media reported.

The infamous Bermuda Triangle, also known as the Devil’s Triangle, remains a mystery as dozens of ships and flights have mysteriously disappeared in the region, media reported.

The cause of the disappearance remains unexplained and has been attributed to weather and human error. Conspiracy theorists have blamed supernatural causes and aliens for the disappearance of ships and flights.

In an ad on their website, travel agency, Ancient Mystery Cruise said: “Don’t worry about disappearing on this Bermuda Triangle tour. The tour has a 100 percent return rate and your money will be refunded in a rare time. You are likely to disappear.”

Passengers will begin their voyage across the Atlantic Ocean on the Norwegian Prima liner from New York to Bermuda in March next year.

According to the ad, guests can enjoy the exclusive Twilight Bermuda Triangle Cruise on a glass-bottom boat with discussions and questions.

The odd offer would cost passengers around 1, 1,450 for a cabin on board.

(Except for the title, this story was not edited by NDTV staff and was published from a syndicated feed.)

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