Biden praised the PM for his cowardly handling

'India's success, China's failure': Biden praises PM for cowardly handling

After the Quad Leaders Summit, Prime Minister Modi met US President Biden today.


To draw a parallel to “India’s success with China’s failure” in tackling the epidemic, US President Joe Biden praised Prime Minister Narendra Modi during a closed session of the Quad Leaders Summit in Tokyo on Tuesday for managing the Kovid-19 outbreak in a democratic manner. Method

According to a senior official, Biden likened India’s success to China’s failure to deal with the Kovid-19 epidemic when the two countries are relatively large.

Biden added that Prime Minister Modi’s success has shown the world that democracies can deliver and that “dictators like China and Russia can better manage a rapidly changing world because their leadership can make decisions and implement them without going through a long democratic process.” Gave 6 Official.

According to the official, President Biden’s remarks appeared to be unwritten, as he made a special intervention to say so before his prepared remarks.

After the Quad Leaders Summit, Prime Minister Modi met US President Biden today. The meeting marks the continuation of their regular conversations that recently took place on 11 April in virtual mode.

The leaders of the Quad countries – Australia, India, Japan and the United States – met in person in Tokyo for the fourth time and for the second time today.

The meeting follows the fourth interaction of quad leaders since their first virtual meeting in March 2021, the personal summit meeting in Washington DC in September 2021, and the virtual meeting in March 2022.

The Quad Summit provided an opportunity for the leaders to exchange views on the development of the Indo-Pacific region and contemporary global issues of mutual interest. The Quad Summit witnessed the launch of a new initiative for uninterrupted cooperation in the maritime domain, space, climate change, health and cyber security.

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