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A new Reuters poll suggests that Biden’s approval rating has dropped to 36% this week, the lowest ever for his presidency.

According to a Reuters / Ipsos poll released on Tuesday, Joe Biden’s popularity among American voters has been steadily declining, with only 36% of respondents favoring his presidency. This is the lowest score after taking charge.

The poll, which collected responses from a total of 1,005 adults, including 456 Democrats and 358 Republicans, suggests that more than half of Americans (59%) are dissatisfied with Biden’s performance as president. The approval rating of 36% dropped 6 percentage points in just one week from the previous 42% reading.

Even among fellow Democrats, Biden’s popularity seems to be declining, as his approval rating within his own party dropped from 76% last week to 72% in a new poll.

Meanwhile, another survey, conducted by Gallup from May 2-22 and also published on Tuesday, found that 83% of Americans think the United States has gone completely wrong, with record high inflation, child-formula deficits, and record gas prices. And mass shots.

Additionally, the Gallup poll found that even Democrats are increasingly frustrated with the way things are, as satisfaction has fallen 14 points since April to just 24%, the lowest point for Biden’s presidency.

With so little confidence in Biden’s performance and the growing unpopularity of Congress – 77% of respondents say they deny what they are doing – the upcoming midterm elections in November could end the spelling problem for the president and his Democratic Party.

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“In the less than six months before the midterm elections, the mood of the people has been extremely tense, with some American countries satisfied with the guidelines and congressional approval, which has greatly weakened the majority in the Democratic Congress.” Gallup said Biden’s approval rating was particularly weak among individuals and was nowhere near the level required for the president to prevent significant intermediate losses in Congress.

Democrats currently hold a razor-thin majority control over both the U.S. Senate and House. However, unless they find a way to boost public confidence and solve the number of problems Americans face on a daily basis, the party could lose at least one chamber to Republicans if there is any indication of how the people want to vote. 2022 Midterm.

“The prospect of dramatic economic change in the run-up to the November congressional elections seems slim, putting pressure on Democrats to persuade voters to keep them in power despite the country’s current struggles.” The Gallup Polsters have finished.

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