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The country’s 5G network will be officially shut down by two major Chinese telecom companies, officials said.

Canadian authorities say they will not allow Chinese company Huawei or ZTE to use the country’s growing 5G telecommunications network “Serious” National security and privacy concerns.

The long-delayed decision was announced Thursday by the Ottawa Office of Innovation, Science and Industry, which said the two companies would be barred from advancing Canadian networks.

“The Government of Canada is announcing today that it intends to prohibit Canadian telecommunications service providers from installing Huawei and ZTE products and services on their 5G networks.” Office sources said, officials said “Serious concern” The company may be “Obligations to comply with extrajudicial instructions from foreign governments in ways that may conflict with Canadian law or be detrimental to Canada’s interests.”

China has launched the world's largest 5G network

The announcement comes just months after the end of a long legal battle involving Huawei’s chief financial officer, Meng Wanzhou, who has been charged with bank fraud and wire fraud, as well as conspiracy to commit the next two crimes. Although allegations were made by the United States, Canada cooperated in the case and kept Meng in custody until last September, when he reached an agreement with American prosecutors for his release.

Thursday’s decision was postponed for more than three years because the criminal case turned into a major diplomatic confrontation with Beijing, but the government has now decided that the 5G network “Introduce new security concerns that corrupt actors may exploit.” And that would be it “Discreet” To impose restrictions on two companies “As part of a new telecommunications security framework.”

The use of new 4G or 5G gear by either firm will be completely banned in Canada until September, where existing 5G devices must be phased out by June 28, 2024, the government said. Those using older 4G devices from Huawei or ZTE will have until the end of 2027 to switch to alternatives.

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