China “flirting in danger”, US will defend Taiwan if invaded: Biden

United States will protect Taiwan if China attacks in 'danger flirting': Biden


President Joe Biden said Monday that the United States would defend Taiwan militarily if Beijing invaded a self-governing island, warning that China was “flirting with danger.”

“This is what we promised,” he said, asking whether Washington would intervene militarily against Chinese efforts to forcibly take control of Taiwan, which Beijing sees as a rebel province to integrate with the mainland.

“We have agreed to the one-China policy, we have signed it … but (Taiwan) the idea that can be forced is not right.

“It will displace the whole region and be another step similar to what happened in Ukraine.”

In his strongest comment so far on the issue, Biden directly linked the lessons learned in Beijing about Taiwan with the results of Western efforts to help Ukraine resist Russian aggression.

It is “important that Putin pay the price for his brutality in Ukraine,” Biden said. “Russia has to pay a long-term price.”

It’s not just about Ukraine, Biden said, because China is watching to see if Western pressure on Russia eases.

“What signal does this send to China about the cost of trying to occupy Taiwan by force?” He asked.

Biden said China “does not have the authority to occupy Taiwan by force.”

Pointing out that he expected an attack to “not happen”, Biden said it would be worth an attack “depending on … how strong the world is”.

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