China plans to explore the world’s first habitable planet with the space telescope

China plans to explore the world's first habitable planet with the space telescope


Chinese scientists have proposed a space project to survey the sky with a space-powered telescope to find a habitable planet like Earth outside the solar system, about 32 light-years from Earth, state media reported on Thursday.

The project, called Closeby Habitat Exoplanet Survey (CHES), would be the first space mission specifically designed to search for habitable terrestrial planets around nearby stars, such as the Sun, the report said.

The search for habitable planets outside of the solar system is one of the major boundaries of basic astronomical research.

CHES will observe about 100 solar-like stars 32 light-years away in a long-term study and hope to discover about 50 Earth-like planets or super-Earth planets that are about 10 times the mass of Earth, according to the state-run China Global Television Network (CGTN). Reported.

CHES “Are we alone in the universe?” And “How can the planets be the cradle of life?” According to Ji Jianghui, a research professor at the Purple Mountain Observatory at the Chinese Academy of Sciences, who is the chief investigator for the CHES mission.

More than 5,000 exoplanets have been discovered and confirmed so far, including about 50 Earth-like planets in the habitable zone, but most of them are hundreds of light-years from Earth, G said.

“Discovering the habitable world around us will be a tremendous step forward for mankind, and will help people see that world twins and expand our habitat in the future,” G added.

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