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A Chinese military spokesman called the United States “the least capable of blaming others.”

Is the United States “Master of bullying” And a promotion should stop “Order of domination” Chinese Defense Ministry spokesman Senior Colonel Wu Qian made the remarks on Thursday.

During a press briefing, Wu Qian was asked to comment on a recent statement from the US military leadership. On Wednesday, US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin discussed the need for countermeasures “Aggression and Hooliganism from China” Although Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman General Mark Millie claimed several days ago that Beijing and Moscow “Intended to change the current rule-based order entirely.”

According to Wu Qian, the United States “The least qualified country to blame others.”

“The US comments, as always, reflect a strong Cold War mentality, a hegemonic mentality and its concerns about China’s peaceful rise. Whatever expression the United States uses, whether it is ‘bullying’ or ‘degrading international law and order’, I think every word applies to the United States. Chinese military spokesman said.

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He gave several examples of its behavior “Master of Hooliganism” Such as the operations in Iraq and Syria, as well as the bombing of the Chinese embassy in Yugoslavia 23 years ago.

“When it comes to a rule-based international order, the United States is a globally recognized rule-breaker.” Although it speaks of more rules than anyone else, Wu Qian argued, referring to the US withdrawal from various international agreements.

“We call on the United States to present its internal regulations as international law and to stop the misguided practice of promoting US-style ‘hegemonic orders’. We encourage China’s peaceful development to be embraced objectively and rationally. He said.

According to a Chinese military spokesman, such a change of US position would be beneficial not only to bilateral relations between Beijing and Washington, but also to global peace and stability.

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