Chinese scientists plan to destroy Starlink satellite: report

Chinese scientists plan to destroy Starlink satellite: report

Starlink is one of Elon Musk’s most ambitious programs. (File photo)

Chinese military researchers have released a study calling for capacity development that could disable Elon Musk’s Starlink satellites if they threaten national security. According to South China Morning PostThe study was published last month.

In it, scientists emphasize the need to develop a surveillance system with unprecedented scale and sensitivity for each Starlink satellite tracking and monitoring, he said. PostWhich has been seen in publications.

The study was led by Ren Yuanzen, a researcher at the Beijing Institute of Tracking and Telecommunications. It calls for the adoption of “a combination of soft and hard killing methods”.

“Some Starlink satellites should resort to a combination of soft and hard kill methods to lose their effectiveness and destroy the galaxy’s operating system,” the paper said, published in the native peer-reviewed journal Modern Defense Technology.

Chinese military researchers conducted the study because they estimated that a Starlink connection could increase the data transmission speed of American drones and stealth fighter jets by more than 100 times. Post The report further states.

Starlink is Mr. Musk’s most ambitious project. Under this, his company SpaceX plans to develop a satellite Internet network by launching small satellites into low-Earth orbit. These satellites will provide low-latency broadband Internet services around the world, with special focus in remote areas where terrestrial Internet infrastructure struggles to reach.

Starlink consists of thousands of small satellites, and the Chinese plan to destroy them all. Since the missiles will not prove to be economical, researchers have suggested using lasers, microwave technology or even small satellites to protect China’s interests.

Earlier this month, Dmitry Rogozin, head of Russia’s Roscosmos space agency, sent a threat to Mr Musk when Starlink technology was provided in Ukraine to assist in military communications and warned him of possible repercussions.

Rogzin told a telegram channel that the Sterlink satellite had been distributed by the Pentagon, adding that Mask was “involved” and would be held accountable.

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