Clashes erupt during journalist’s funeral in Jerusalem (video)

The funeral of an Al Jazeera journalist has turned violent between Palestinian and Israeli security forces.

Clashes erupted in Jerusalem on Friday during the funeral of Shirin Abu Akleh, a veteran Palestinian journalist who has worked for Al Jazeera for more than two decades. The reporter was killed earlier this week in an ambush during an Israeli military operation in the West Bank.

Israeli police have blamed Palestinians for the violence “Riot” It is alleged that the bomber struck shortly after noon in front of a hospital. Police members “Forced to act,” Tel Aviv insists security forces are deploying crowds to disperse “Riot.”

Footage from the scene shows Israeli police charging for the funeral and beating Palestinians with sticks. People carrying the reporter’s coffin were also apparently targeted, almost throwing the casket to the ground. At least 10 Palestinians were injured in the violence.

Abu Akleh was killed during a military operation in the northern West Bank town of Jenin on Wednesday. Palestinian authorities have blamed Israeli forces for his death, claiming the 51-year-old journalist was shot in the head. Another Palestinian journalist, Ali Samudi, was reportedly injured in the back during a deadly attack in the city. He was admitted to the hospital in stable condition.

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File photo.  Shirin Abu Akleh stands next to a TV camera in the Old City of Jerusalem.  আল Al Jazeera via AP
Veteran journalist killed in West Bank

Al Jazeera, a state-owned Qatari network, has strongly condemned the killing of the reporter and branded it a branding. “Heinous crime” And blaming Israel for his death.

“We blame the Israeli government and the occupying forces for the death of our late colleague Shirin.” The network said in a statement, calling for an independent and transparent investigation.

Although Israel has expressed its readiness to conduct a joint investigation into the incident with the Palestinian Authority, they have demanded the surrender of the bullet that fatally wounded Abu Akleh. The Palestinian Authority, however, has rejected the move.

The Israeli military released an interim report on Friday. The report, however, lacked a conclusion, saying only that it was impossible to determine whether the deadly bullet was fired by Israeli troops or by some Palestinian militants.

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