Comedy is the lifeline of American intelligence, but the thinking police are not laughing –

This week, comedian Ricky Gervais scolded liberals over a routine that targets heterosexual ideology. America needs this kind of comic relief to start discussing controversial issues, but the left can’t take the joke.

There is a rule of thumb that goes, “If you’re going to tell people the truth, it’s better if you make them laugh or they’ll kill you.” (The quote is usually submitted to Bernard Shaw, but its source is disputed.) The same rule was applied hundreds of years ago when the courtiers told the king the painful truth and at the same time no one else would dare to try to keep him smiling. It underscores an unspoken purpose of humor, which is to allow the conversation to highlight serious issues while blunting the pain that might otherwise be invited. Yes, we can agree on a certain point, but at least we are adults enough to make fun of those differences. For at least one-half of the American people, that healthy attitude is long gone.

Entertainment protocol has been reversed for reading today: ‘Although you are funny when you tell people the truth, we [the mob] I will kill you ‘. In other words, America, the land that has given birth to countless comic talents over the years, has lost its sense of humor. This was clearly judged by Ricky Garvey’s Netflix comedy special ‘Supernatural’ followed by an outcry over wrongdoing. Like previous black comedian Dave Chappell, Garvis forced his audience to look at the 900-pound psychedelic elephant roaming the American living room, a heterosexual ideology and the danger it poses to millions of people, mostly women.

“Oh, lady!” British comedian started. “Not all women, I mean old-fashioned. Old-fashioned woman, pregnant. Who are making dinosaurs. I love new women. They’re great, aren’t they? The new ones we’ve been seeing lately. Those who have beards and c ** ks. They are as good as gold, I love them. And now the old men say, ‘Oh, they want to use our toilets.’ ‘Why wouldn’t they use your toilet’? ‘For women’! ‘They are women – look at their pronouns’! What about ‘this person is not a woman’? ‘Well, his penis’. ‘His penis, you’re a fanatic’! ‘If she rapes me’? ‘If he rapes you, you did TERF wh ** e’?

Is Netflix waking up to censorship?

What liberals are found to be so terrible and “Sad” There was no obscenity about the above monologue – let’s face it, progressives are not unfamiliar with obscenity – but the validity of the ‘joke’. Yes, sometimes the truth hurts. Garvis highlights the contradictions of the transgender movement that the mainstream media is in extreme pain to ignore, and the real risks that it poses for biological women.

Let’s remember that the first thing Joe Biden did as president was to sign an executive order that let Americans go about their lives. “Don’t worry about being denied access to their restrooms, locker rooms or school sports.” In other words, American men and women now have the right to use bathroom and changing room facilities, as well as to compete in sports competitions against women. “Whatever their gender identity or sexual orientation.” Incredibly, transgender women are even imprisoned with biological women, all of which have predictable consequences, such as pregnancy behind bars.

Instead of listening to what liberals Gervais was trying to say, which is that the lives of biological women are threatened by this kind of inclusive ‘open door’ policy, the Left did its best: it sent a search and destruction mission to Ricky Garbhais to retire early. To do or, judging by the tone of some tweets, is an early burial.

Dave Chappell attacked the stage

Such reactions to a comedy routine reveal the main problem with the social justice crowd, which lacks the maturity to discuss and debate controversial ideas in a public forum. Even more insane is the fact that the whole concept of ‘transgender’ is a relatively new phenomenon, and like all new things, it naturally leads to a lot of controversy in court. Yet, those who want to ask some honest questions or warn children and adolescents who are fascinated by such ideas are described as ‘haters’ who suffer from ‘transphobia’. In this age of intellectual darkness that has descended on the United States, where many universities have become the focus of extremist liberal ideology, one of the last places for conservatives to voice their views is through comedy.

“Comedy is a Reflection” American actor and comedian Alan King once said. “We do not create anything. We set no style, no value. We are reflecting. It’s a distorted mirror in the fun house. We see society. We have the ability to make fun of the way society behaves. “

Raja, if he had survived, would have been shocked to see that the important work of comedians to hold the mirror to society is slowly falling by the wayside. While some daring comedians like Dave Chappell and Ricky Gervais are still willing to endure the sling and arrows that come with this dangerous new territory, the consequences could ultimately be considered too high a risk. This would be a loss not only for the American comedy scene, but for the entire nation as it seeks to navigate its path through extremely confusing times.

America, don’t dismiss your Court Jesters, they are the lifeline of your wisdom and civilization.

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