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After criticizing and complaining about the motivational structure of the social media site, Dr. “Dangerously crazy,” Renowned Canadian psychologist and public intellectual Jordan Peterson announced Tuesday that he is leaving behind his Twitter account and its 2.7 million followers. He also promised to write an article about the harmful effects of Twitter on its users.

Peterson says his previous experience of abstaining from Twitter for three weeks allowed him to read and write more. “It was a real relief.” He wrote. But as soon as he got back on Twitter, he said, his life went from bad to worse.

“The endless flood of terrible humiliation is not something that can be felt anywhere else.” He wrote in one of his last posts, added “The stimulus structure of the platform makes it internally and dangerously insane.”

Some of Peterson’s followers regretted the decision Supported The move agrees with his criticism on social media. Others Ridicule He says he did not stop posting on Twitter even after promising to resign.

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Jordan Peterson is the author of the best-selling book ’12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos’. A powerful opponent of political correctness and identity politics who has gained widespread popularity among conservatives, he is also known for his controversial position on gender identity and his refusal to use certain gender pronouns. Peterson’s YouTube channel has 5 million subscribers.

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