“Defeat Putin as soon as possible to save our civilization,” Soros says – RT World News

George Soros tells WWF that quick victory against Russia is needed to save free society and civilization

If Moscow does not quickly defeat Ukraine, it will not be able to cope with climate change in a timely manner to save the collective Western civilization, billionaire financier George Soros told the World Economic Forum in Davos on Tuesday. He also called Russia and China the biggest threats to his vision of an open society.

Russia sends troops to Ukraine “World War III could have started and our civilization would not have survived.” Soros told the WEF, and even when the fighting there stopped, “The situation will never be the same again.”

In his words “Attack” In between came the fight “Two regimes that contradict each other: open society and closed society.” The former is embodied by the West and the latter by Russia and China.

Soros likens the conflict in Ukraine to a siege of a Nazi-controlled city

Soros, 91, reminded me of “Exciting Day” During the breakup of the Soviet Union, when his wealth increased so much that in 1987 he could spend $ 300 million a year, and his base in Eastern Europe. “It turned out to be more successful than I expected.”

He argued that the tide had started after the 9/11 attacks of 2001 and “Repressive regimes are now blocking upward and open societies.” Represents China and Russia “The biggest threat.”

Soros was optimistic about how the fight would go. According to him, the Russian troops would be congratulated as liberators and expected to be victorious within days or weeks, but Ukraine was able to “Defeat” With the help of the United States and NATO. Meanwhile, he claimed that Chinese leader Xi Jinping had undermined his legitimacy through the Covid-19 lockdown in Shanghai and elsewhere.

What Soros was really concerned about was that the conflict in Ukraine has interfered with the environmental agenda, which means that climate change could become irreversible.

Kissinger warns of deadlines for Ukraine's peace talks

“This could be the end of our civilization.” He emphasized that “We must mobilize all our resources to bring an early end to the war.”

“The best and probably the only way to save our civilization is to defeat Putin as soon as possible.” He added.

On Monday, former US top diplomat Henry Kissinger called on the WEF to bring peace to Ukraine within the next two months, before heading to Russia. “A permanent alliance with China” Which will destabilize Europe.

“Russia has been an integral part of Europe for 400 years” Kissinger, 98, noted that those who seek Moscow are warned “Defeat.”

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