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Alleged hate crime by so-called Dallas Coryatown black suspects ‘white supremacy theorist’, Congresswoman says

U.S. Rep. Joyce BT (D-Ohio), chairwoman of the Congressional Black Caucus, points to the recent shooting at a Korean-owned hair salon in Dallas as the latest example of terrorism. “White supremacy replacement theory.” His claim may be problematic, although the alleged shooter is a black man.

In a speech on Capitol Hill on Thursday, BT outlined his theory of racially motivated violence, suggesting that Republicans were using their racist rhetoric to incite non-whites and Jews to shoot. He cites the so-called Great Replacement Theory – the idea that non-whites are being brought to the United States and other Western countries to deprive white voters of their right to vote.

Democrats have pointed to the killing of 10 people at a Buffalo supermarket last week as proof of how dangerous the replacement theory is. The 18-year-old suspect spoke of the Great Replacement – among other beliefs, such as Ukraine’s neo-Nazi militia – before shooting 13 people, including 11 blacks.

Biden condemns the 'poison' of white supremacy in Buffalo

“The Republican leadership is not innocent, and whether they use dog whistles or bull horns, they don’t get passes.” BT said.

The Congresswoman then turned to another example and said, “On Monday, three people were shot dead at a Korean-owned hair salon in Dallas by another white supremacist theorist. We are seeing a pipeline of racist violence from racist rhetoric. ”

The shooting in Dallas Coryatown actually took place on May 11, and the suspect, 36-year-old Jeremy Smith, was arrested earlier this week. Three Asian women were injured in the shooting, and Smith is suspected of being behind two other shots at an Asian-owned business in Dallas.

Smith, who is black, has been charged with potential federal hate crime and has already been charged with three counts of aggravated assault. A police affidavit obtained by the Dallas Morning News indicates that Smith had anti-Asia misconceptions.

The Buffalo shooter comes from the same idea as the Western-backed Ukrainian neo-Nazis

“He began to read in confusion that the Asian people were following him or trying to harm him.” According to the affidavit, Smith’s girlfriend told Dallas police. Smith was fired for verbally assaulting his boss, who was Asian, and he began to suffer. “Panic Attacks and Illusions” After being involved in a car accident with an Asian motorist two years ago.

Nonetheless, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-California) and other leading Democrat lawmakers stood behind her in Capitol’s move, pointing to the Coriatown shooting as another example of white dominance in BT action. “Let’s hold people accountable.” He said. “Let’s hold the right people accountable, and that’s the Republican Party.”

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