Diver free whale caught in the net, say it gave a “thank you sign”: report

Diver free whale caught in the net, say it gave a 'thank you sign': report

The rescue, which took place off the coast of Spain, took about 45 minutes.

A rare humpback whale was rescued by a team of Spanish divers who rescued a giant mammal trapped in a fishing net. The rescue from the coast of Spain took about 45 minutes. Rescuers spotted the whale trapped in the red net and reported it Freedom, The animal cannot even open its mouth.

Staff at the Palma de Mallorca Aquarium begin work and prepare for the rescue operation. Initially, the team tried to cut the net from their boat, but failed. Once that failed, professional divers were brought in from the diving center to help free the large mammal.

According to Freedom, Mrs. Torres, who owns the Albatross Diving Center, described how the crew members saw the humpback whale calm down after the initial stages of nervousness.

“For the first 10 seconds he got a little nervous, you know, like bubbles everywhere, but then I don’t know, call me crazy but I think he knew we were there to help him and he just relaxed and we worked. I started in front of his face and back, ”he said.

The diving team spent a long time cutting the net, and eventually the whale was able to get out of it.

According to Mrs. Torres, before the swim ended, the mammal also appeared to give a “thank you sign.”

The animal caught in the trap is called a drift trap and was banned by the United Nations 30 years ago because of the threat to marine life.

The net is extremely successful in catching small fish, but is also a threat to large animals such as whales, sharks and dolphins.

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