Donald Trump praises book where “King Donald” is fighting “Hillary Quinton”

Donald Trump praises book where 'King Donald' is fighting 'Hillary Quinton'

The children’s book cast him in the role of “King Donald” in the fight against the evil “Hillary Quinton”.

Former U.S. President Donald Trump praised a new children’s book in a post on his social media platform Truth Social that portrayed him as “King Donald” in the fight against the evil “Hillary Quinton”, a clear reference to the 2016 Democratic Party. Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

The title of the book Conspiracy against the king, Writes Mr. Trump’s former Pentagon Chief of Staff Kash Patel. According to Newsweek, The former president posted on Truth Social, “The Plot Against the King is the true story of Russia’s Collision deception, written for children, my friend @ Kash … Live the story through the eyes of great characters like handsome King Donald and Cash the Wizard. This story shows how Hillary Quinton and a shift knight tried to destroy our democracy, but the truth and the MAGA king won. “

He added, “Support this great patriot, educate our children and keep a copy in every school in our country.”

In the illustrated children’s book, author Kash Patel is portrayed as a traveling magician on how “King Donald” was falsely accused of stealing the throne. According to Guardian, The wizard says in the book, “King, King Donald, is innocent” and “did not work with the Russians”, an intentional reference to the fact that Trump used the help of Russia and Putin to get elected.

Writer Kash Patel, known as a close confidante of the former president, became prominent after he backed then-President Trump’s claim that the FBI had wiretaped Trump’s phones. He was promoted to Chief of Staff of the Department of Defense.

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