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Business Insider claims that Tesla’s CEO has been accused of paying a flight attendant to settle a sexual misconduct case.

Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, claims that recent sexual misconduct allegations against him are a “Political hit piece,” Which he insisted should be viewed from a political point of view. The millionaire is alleged to have paid $ 250,000 to a former flight attendant in 2018 as part of a separation agreement after his company offered to buy him a horse in exchange for sexual activity.

According to an article published by Business Insider, the flight attendant worked on the cabin crew of SpaceX’s corporate jet fleet. During a flight in 2016, Musk asked her to give him a full body massage and then revealed herself in front of him, touched his legs and offered to buy him a horse in exchange for a sex massage.

Insider said the story was based on a declaration signed by a friend of the attendant who spoke to the outlet out of fear for his safety, and the incident was based on related documents, email correspondence and other records.

Insider also claimed to know the identity of the flight attendant in question but chose not to disclose because “She claims to be a victim of sexual misconduct.” He added that he personally declined to comment on the story.

A friend of the flight attendant claimed that after rejecting Musk’s advance, he felt he was being pushed out of the company and decided to hire a lawyer in 2018 and file a complaint with SpaceX’s human resources department. Complaints have been raised “Resolved quickly” After the company, Mask and the attendant entered into a separation agreement granting the woman $ 250,000 in exchange for a pledge not to sue for the claim and signing a non-disclosure and non-disclosure agreement, which prevented her from disclosing. Information about Mask and his business.

Musk denied the claims in a statement at the outlet, insisting it was there “There’s more to this story.” And slammed it as one “Politically Inspired Hit Pieces.” He mentioned that if he actually “Involved in sexual harassment, it’s less likely to be the first time in my entire 30-year career.”

The billionaire went on Twitter to respond to the allegations, calling for an attack on him ‘Should be seen from a political point of view’ And they have become his critics. ‘ “Standard (disgusting) playbook”.

Responding to a group of Tesla owners on Twitter, Musk further said that he did not respond to reporters from Business Insider, writing that “It was clear that their only goal was to hit Twitter to intervene in the acquisition. The story was written before they spoke to me.”

Continuing the thread, add that to the musk “For the record, these wild allegations are completely untrue.” And issued a challenge “These liars who claim that their friend saw me” revealed “, Describes any features, such as spots or tattoos, that are not known to the public, emphasizing that “Will not be able to do that, because it never happened.”

The allegations came after Musk recently announced that he would vote for Republicans in the upcoming midterm elections, the Democratic Party, which he had previously supported and considered. “Kind party,” Has become “The party of division and hatred.” Musk concluded the tweet by saying that he would be the target now “Promoting their dirty tactics.”

In fact, Musk has faced a wave of reactions on Twitter for accusations and support for Republicans; Although the billionaire has yet to find a way to turn it into a meme, his supporters are urged to refer to the scandal as “elongated”.

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