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'Tesla on My Mind 24/7': Elon Musk Concerned About Twitter Confusion

Tesla opens new car factory in Texas this year (file)

San Francisco:

Tesla CEO Elon Musk said Thursday that “Tesla is in my head 24/7,” trying to allay investors’ concerns that he was being distracted by a Twitter deal that has disappointed electric car company stocks.

Posting a picture showing a woman (Tesla) saying that her boyfriend (Elon) was annoyed to see another woman (Twitter), she said, “So it may seem like the following but not true.”

“Frankly, I’m spending 5% (but actually) of my time acquiring Twitter. It’s not rocket science!” He tweeted.

“Yesterday was Giga Texas, today Starbus. Tesla is in my head 24/7.”

Tesla has opened its new car factory in Texas this year, and Musk’s rocket company SpaceX has a launch site called Starbes in Boca Chikata, Texas.

Tesla shares have lost one-third of their value since the billionaire published its shares on Twitter in early April, and Tesla has sold .5 8.5 billion worth of stock to help finance its $ 44-billion Twitter deal.

Even more damaging stocks are China’s lockdown measures that have reduced Tesla’s production and left Tesla out of the widely followed S&P Sustainability Index.

Tesla bull Daniel Ives, an analyst at Wedbusch, cut Tesla’s target share price on Thursday due to China’s production disruption and warned of a “risk of disruption” from Musk’s Twitter deal.

Leo Koguan, a major private investor in Tesla, on Thursday urged electric car makers to buy shares.

Koguan said in a Twitter message, “Tesla needs to announce immediately and buy ট 5 billion shares of Tesla from this year’s free cash flow and $ 10 billion from its free cash flow next year, not affecting the existing $ 18 billion cash reserves with zero debt.” “Koguan said in a Twitter message. Martin Vichake, head of Tesla’s investor relations.

Viecha was not immediately available for comment.

Last year, Koguan, Tesla’s third-largest private shareholder, said he was investing billions in Tesla because he believed in Musk’s “great mission that I share.” He said in March that he was buying more shares of Tesla, not selling at a time when stocks were declining.

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