Elon Musk has fixed the starship rocket after YouTuber’s question

'One of the biggest improvements': Elon Musk fixes starship rocket after YouTuber's question

Elon Musk called the changes to the starship “one of the biggest improvements”. (File)

A wise YouTuber question has helped Elon Musk make a significant change in a new SpaceX rocket.

The Daily Astronaut, a YouTuber with about 1.25 million subscribers, was first invited to SpaceX’s Starbase facility late last year. However, after being invited again earlier this month, Elon Musk revealed that the question asked by YouTuber actually led to a change in one of the new rockets.

One of the improvements to the new ship is the use of excess gas from Starship’s main engines to drive the thrusters instead of individual cold gas thrusters. This was corrected after the daily astronaut was asked about the query mask.

On a recent visit to SpaceX’s Starbus, the daily astronaut – otherwise known as Tim – revealed that Elon Musk has admitted to making changes to the new rocket following previous discussions with the pair. In the clip, Mr. Musk even called the changes mentioned “one of our (SpaceX) biggest improvements” at Starship.

Mr Musk said in a YouTube video, “I thought it was when I was explaining it to you,” adding, “I was like, ‘Wait, what are we doing?'”

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Note that at the main meeting between the pair in August 2021, Mr. Musk was discussing the nature of the new Starship SpaceX rocket. He said that the starship has attached thrusters alongside the actual ship which is why “you don’t even need a cold gas thruster system … you already have hot gas”.

Tim then scolded the CEO of SpaceX, saying, “But this is only for Booster, isn’t it?” At this point, Mr. Musk somehow realizes, as the video shows him in thought. He said, “Although arguably, now that you mentioned it, it would be wise to do this for the (space) ship as well.”

Did he realize that ships as well as thrusters do not need a cold gas thruster system? Afterwards, he assured the daily astronaut that SpaceX would fix it.

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