Elon Musk is out on the theory that having less children will help the environment

'Total nonsense': Elon Musk points out theory that having fewer children will help the environment

“Having children is essential for maintaining civilization,” Kasturi said. (File)

Elon Musk, head of SpaceX and Tesla, recently argued that it is “completely pointless” that people are not giving birth because it is harmful to the environment.

Speaking at the All-In Summit via video, the father of seven said, “Some people think that having fewer children is good for the environment. This is completely nonsense. Even if we double the size of the people, the environment will be fine. ”

Mr Musk added: “At least keep our numbers. We don’t have to grow dramatically, but at least we don’t move slowly until civilization ends with all of us in adult diapers, in bright colors. “

Furthermore, the CEO of Tesla cited Japan’s declining birth rate as an example. “Japan is a leading indicator here,” he said, adding that Japan’s population declined by 600,000 last year. Mr Musk claimed that the East Asian country could “cease to exist” because of its declining birth rate.

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He added that world civilization cannot be zero. He then made his position very clear that having children is not bad for the environment. In fact, it is “essential to maintaining civilization,” Mr Musk said.

The founder of SpaceX went on to describe the fears of some modern-day parents and how it does not add up. “I have heard it many times. ‘How can I bring a child into this horrible world’, Mr Musk said. I said, ‘Have you read history? Because I want to tell you, it was worse then, “he added.

Note that Elon Musk did not provide evidence in support of his claim. But after the acquisition of traction by the suggestion of an earlier theory, it comes to the conclusion that “if there is one less child per family, about 58.6 metric tons of carbon per year can be saved in developed countries”. CNBC reports that childbearing is seven times worse for the climate than the next 10 most talked-about immigrants can do in an annual CO2 emissions climate.

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However, according to a separate report, a complex change in lifestyle and climate-friendly policies could have a greater impact on the environment than not having children.

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