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Ukraine has revealed numerous shortcomings in the security of the conflict bloc, Joseph Borel said

The bloc’s foreign affairs chief, Joseph Borrell, said the EU should take more responsibility for its security and compensate for the deficits that have been underlined due to the conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

“The clearest example” Such is the deficit “The military aid we have provided to Ukraine is depleted.” Borel wrote on his blog on Sunday.

But there were many more “Past budget cuts and inherited from low investment,” He added.

According to Borel, the combined defense spending in the EU increased by only 20% from 1999 to 2021, with 66% for the United States, 292% for Russia and 592% for China.

As a result of the events in Ukraine “A tectonic change in the European security landscape, “ The diplomat insisted. “Now it is clear that Europe is in danger.”

In that case, “The EU must take more responsibility for its own security,” which requires “building a modern and interconnected European armed forces, looking to the top of the spectrum and trying to build capacity and forces.” He’s out.

EU will not allow Ukraine to run out of arms - Borel

Investment in the military sector must be coordinated among EU member states, as countries may take unilateral action. “Including the risk of wasting money, existing errors and redundant copies of unnecessary copies,” Borel warned.

The diplomat named three main lines of action that would eventually allow the bloc to close the existing gaps in its defense.

These include warfare and replenishment of their forces, modernization of air defenses, cyber and space-based capabilities, and jointly developing key capabilities for the future, such as major combat tanks.

“Now is the time to move the European defense forward. We need to strengthen our European defense industry bases and work with the necessary military capabilities. We need to be able to enhance our military capabilities for self-defense, strengthen NATO, and better support our partners whenever needed. Borel insisted.

Ukraine '15 or 20 years away from joining EU' - France

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said earlier this month that Moscow condemned the European Union’s involvement in the Ukrainian conflict and its increasing militarization. “It is evolving from a constructive economic platform that it was originally intended to be an aggressive militant player whose ambitions have spread beyond the European continent.”

EU “Following in the footsteps of NATO,” Lavrov insisted. The two entities are in the process of merging and in the future the EU will serve as an extension of the US-led military alliance, Lavrov said.

In addition to sanctions on Russia, the EU has already allocated € 2 billion in military aid to Kiev in its dispute with Moscow. Borel said in April “This battle must be won on the battlefield.” He also gave that promise “The EU will not allow Ukraine to run out [military] Tools. “

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