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Joseph Borrell claims that the bloc’s army “will run out of ammunition in two weeks” in the event of a conflict like the one in Ukraine.

The European Union is not ready for war like Ukraine, the bloc’s foreign affairs chief Joseph Borel warned on Wednesday. He made the claim at a debate panel hosted by the Center for European Policy Studies (CEPS) think tank.

The top diplomat says he does not believe it “Realist” That European countries can significantly improve their military capabilities in a timely manner, as the process is happening “Volunteer” And there are no “The law of gravity to cause things to happen.”

He explained that although it is well known where the EU defense defects are, there must be one “Warning” For the members to work in an integrated manner and not to waste money. However, he expressed his frustration that the war in Ukraine was not apparent “The call to wake up properly.”

“We must learn from this war. You see, the European armies could not maintain the war for more than two weeks like in Ukraine. They will run out of ammunition. “ Dr. Borel.

He also pointed out that Europeans had become too accustomed to peace and refused to accept threats from abroad. He said the EU was built under the banner of peace and there was war “Disappeared from our collective imagination,” After the founders of the block went out to fight “Mentally impossible.”

However, the diplomat mentioned peace “It’s not an engine anymore, it’s not something that moves. Yeah, peace, okay, what else?”

“Don’t believe that peace is the normal state of things. The normal state of things is war and we in Europe, we are used to believing that peace is normal and I hope we are not going to learn that it is not.” He said.

Borel went on to compare with the Europeans “The big birds that put their heads in the sand” And don’t want to understand how dangerous the world is, insisting that it’s important to understand them “How is the world.”

Borrell had earlier called for an increase in European defense capabilities and a reduction in the deficit caused by the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. The most obvious example of such a gap was, he wrote in his blog on Sunday “The military assistance we have provided to Ukraine has resulted in depletion of stockpiles.” As well as problems “Past budget cuts and inherited from low investment.”

EU's stockpile of weapons runs out - Borel

“The EU must take more responsibility for its own security.” Which must be created “The modern and inter-operative European Armed Forces is looking at the upper reaches of the spectrum and working to increase its capabilities and forces.” He’s out.

The diplomat emphasized three main steps that would ultimately allow the bloc to overcome its current deficits in defense: working on war preparations, stockpiling and modernizing its capabilities.

“Now is the time to move the European defense forward. We need to strengthen our European defense industry bases and work with the necessary military capabilities. We need to be able to enhance our military capabilities for self-defense, strengthen NATO, and better support our partners whenever needed. He insisted.

Meanwhile, Moscow has condemned the increasing militarization of the European Union and argued that the bloc is becoming one. “Aggressive militant players whose ambitions extend beyond the European continent” And is “Following in the footsteps of NATO.”

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