Facebook is paying more than Rs 30,000 per one million Illinois users

Facebook is paying more than 30 30,000 to more than one million Illinois users to settle privacy lawsuits

In 2015, a case was filed against Facebook.

The social media giant Facebook (now Meta) is paying $ 397 (30 30,785) to more than one million Illinois residents in the United States for collecting and storing digital scans of their faces without permission. The money is being paid from Facebook’s Settlement Fund last year to settle a class-action lawsuit.

The lawsuit was filed in 2015 and Facebook was accused of violating a state privacy law that prohibits companies from collecting biometric data without informing users.

Some users were surprised by the amount received – either by check or directly to a bank account – and thought the money could be a scam.

The social media platform has faced worldwide criticism for its facial recognition technology on Facebook and Instagram. In a settlement reached last year, the company announced the closure of the property and agreed to pay $ 650 million to settle the lawsuit.

Facebook has also told a federal judge that it will delete the face templates of more than 1 billion users.

The money is being shared among Illinois Facebook users who filed claims by December 2020 after deducting attorneys’ costs and $ 97.5 million in fees. NBC News.

About 1.6 million Illinois residents were involved in the lawsuit against Facebook’s now-defunct photo-tagging system. Their lawyers say the platform’s “suggested tag” feature violates state biometric data privacy laws.

Facebook has been using photo-tagging technology since 2010, which allows photos to be tagged quickly and easily. But many on the Internet are starting to complain that the technology has become sophisticated, that it has led to allegations of misidentification of people of color.

With voices being raised in many countries against the practice adopted by Internet companies and social media platforms to collect information, politicians have called for tougher laws against such organizations. California Gov. Gavin Newsom and former presidential candidate Andrew Young have proposed that these technology companies would pay a “dividend” to users.

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