Falsely accused U.S. man “cooked alive” after being beaten by police at a gas station:

Falsely accused U.S. man 'cooked alive' after being freshened up by police at a gas station: report

Mr Barreto has had six major surgeries since February.

A sheriff’s deputy in Florida is holding life after he was stabbed at a gas station, spreading a fire that “cooked” the victim alive, his lawyers say.

Taking to Facebook, NeJame law offices in Orange County, Florida, described how 26-year-old Jean Barreto suffered a third-degree burn after an incident where officers confronted a man from his bike while loading his motorcycle, suspecting he belonged to a biker gang. Was a member who had previously been called in to harass other drivers. The incident happened in February and Mr Barreto is still recovering from 75% of his body from horrific burns.

Mr Barreto’s attorneys say their client, a Hispanic man, has no previous criminal record and is a valuable FedEx employee. They explained that the 26-year-old had been pumping gas for just one minute when officers arrived at the scene to confront him. One of the deputies of the Osiola County Sheriff then threw him to the ground. The gas station had at least three deputy vehicles that surrounded Mr Barreto and his bike when a permanent officer pinned the man to the ground before deploying his taser.

“Since Mr Barreto was knocked out from behind, he was taken down by surprise [sic] From the then unknown forces, his dirty bike also fell, gas spilled on Mr. Barreto and the deputy, ”the caption of the post read.

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This caused a burning explosion at the Wawa gas station, burning most of Mr. Barreto’s body. The deputy who dealt with the 26-year-old had half-third-degree burns on his body. Mr Barreto’s lawyers say four people were injured in the blaze, “due to reckless, stupid, unnecessary testing”, three of them deputies. They further added that Mr Barreto was “cooked alive” in the fire.

Even three months later, Mr. Barreto is still undergoing “encouraging” treatment, attorneys say, with his client’s skin burned. They reported that Mr Barreto had undergone six difficult surgeries to inject new skin into his body. The next day, Orlando Health will put him in a medically induced coma to remove necrotic tissue from his body in preparation for a groundbreaking procedure that is increasing skin tissue taken from a 4-inch intact skin, hopefully to start grafting.

“While cooking alive, Mr Barreto had about 75% third-degree burns on his body, from the front and back of his legs to the bottom of his neck,” the lawyers added.

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Further, accordingly Independent, The law office has not yet received worn-out camera footage of the body from the Osceola County Sheriff’s Office, or given access to their incident report. They also asked the U.S. Department of Justice to open an investigation into the practices and protocols employed by sheriff’s deputies appointed by the Osceola County Sheriff’s Office.

Meanwhile, an electrical discharge from Deputy Tesser is a possible cause of the fire, according to the Florida State Fire Marshal’s investigation report. But the report also said that the fire started accidentally.

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