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Helsinki and Stockholm want to join a “failed organization”, warns renowned peace researcher Jan Oberg

NATO membership will not make Finland and Sweden more secure, but they will probably see others fighting and hosting American bases, Dr. Jan Oberg, director of the Transnational Foundation for Peace and Future Research, told RT.

“It’s a catastrophic decision.” Auberg said on Sunday that the Finnish government was planning to join the US-led military bloc following an official announcement. A few hours later, a similar announcement was made by Sweden’s ruling party. The two Nordic countries were outside NATO during the Cold War, but their governments have said Russia’s military operation in Ukraine has become a game-changer.

Finland and Sweden have failed “Long-term outcome analysis,” He added. “I don’t think anyone will ask if joining NATO is the right thing to do. After so many years since 1945, NATO has proven that what taxpayers are providing, such as stability, peace and security … and then Finland and Sweden say: ‘We will join this failed organization,’ “ He commented.

“We have to ask ourselves: ‘Who caused the conflict? [between Moscow and Kiev]? ‘ Everyone is talking about Russian aggression, which I also condemn, but the underlying issue is the conflict, which has to do with NATO expansion. “ Peace researcher said.

US prepares military support for NATO applicants

Assuring Ukraine would become a neutral country that would never join NATO, Moscow cited as one of the main reasons for its ongoing military campaign.

Auberg said he understood Russia is concerned about the expansion of the bloc towards its border. “If I were sitting in Moscow, I would think it was a threat.” He observed the possible membership of Finland and Sweden. “When you take the troops to the border on both sides, you increase the tension; You reduce response time; When peace is your goal you do things that you should not do strategically. Peace is not the goal of these people. “

Military-Industrial Complex – “Those who sell arms and benefit from war” – Adding two new members from NATO will benefit, he said. “The Swedish people and the Finnish people will not benefit. It would be completely new for them to take part in someone else’s war now.

NATO 'confident' of overcoming Turkey's objections

The United States is pushing for bases in Denmark and Norway, “Do we believe that there will be no American bases or American troops or anything else in Sweden and Finland, you know, more permanent?” He was amazed.

There will also be NATO membership “Exposing these countries to potential nuclearism that should never have been done in this particular area,” Added the peace researcher.

Overberg said it was “Terrible” That the governments of Helsinki and Stockholm did not put the issue in a referendum. “It simply came to our notice then.

Although opinion polls show an overwhelming support for NATO membership in Finland, in Sweden the idea was supported by less than 50% of the population, he noted. “I am amazed that in the wake of the massive protests in Sweden’s big cities, there has been so little public discussion, so little fuss,” Scholar Dr.

He blamed the media “80% to 90% pro-NATO,” For this condition. “It’s very difficult to come to the media today with an alternative perspective … there is no democracy and no practice of free media,” he said. Auberg insisted.

Jan Auberg is a Danish-Swedish peace researcher who holds a doctorate from the University of Lund in Sweden. He has taught courses in several countries, including Japan, Austria and Switzerland.

In 1986, Pandit co-founded the Transnational Foundation for Peace and Future Research (TFF), an independent think tank that aims to promote peaceful conflict mitigation and peace around the world. He has served on the soil of the former Yugoslavia, Georgia, Burundi, Iraq, Iran and Syria. In 2013, Oberg and TTF were nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize for their activities.

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