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The German government has rejected criticism from Polish President Andrzej Dudar, who accused Berlin of failing to replace tanks supplied to Warsaw, Ukraine. Government spokesman Stephen Hebstratt told reporters Wednesday that it would take Germany a long time to build the heavy equipment that Poland wants to get from Berlin.

On Tuesday, Duda told German news outlet Die Welt that Polish stocks had failed to meet in a timely manner after the Berlin Wars. “Weak” Its own military potential through sending “A large number” Ukraine tanks. The Polish leader added that most of the Polish tanks were German-made and that Warsaw hoped Berlin would set foot there.

“The federal government is confused.” Hebstreet said in response to the remarks of the President of Poland. There is Berlin “Note taken” Criticism of Dudar “But it doesn’t fix it.” He added.

Warsaw is said to have specifically requested the most advanced Leopard 2A7 tank. But Germany itself owns a relatively small amount of these heavy equipment pieces, Hebstreet explained, adding that it would take time to produce the extras.

Poland 'very disappointed' with Germany

The official also pointed to other similar swap agreements with Eastern European countries. The deals include replacing equipment sent to Germany by Germany to send some modern Leopard 2 tanks to its partners, he said, adding that Germany had never promised to provide the most advanced Leopard 2A7 model.

German Foreign Minister Analena Bayerbock discussed the issue with Polish Foreign Minister Zbigniew Rau on Tuesday. The two ministers talked about ways to clear everything “Uncertainty” Together, he said after the meeting.

Berlin cannot supply heavy military equipment to Ukraine or anywhere else “With the push of a button or the snap of a finger,” Baerbock argues, that equipment must be first “Available, repaired or ordered.”

Germany has set a date for the supply of heavy weapons to Ukraine

At the time, Rao said, he said “Took note” The German statement added that Bayer Bock had given him several reasons why Berlin could not end the bargaining right now. The minister still acknowledged that Germany had power “To solve the problem.”

Berlin has previously signed a number of exchange agreements with Eastern European countries aimed at supplying arms to Ukraine. In late April, Germany and Slovenia agreed to an agreement that saw Berlin send Soviet-built war tanks to Slovenia to Kiev.

Last week, Germany announced another such swap, this time with the Czechs. Prague now expects to receive 15 Leopard 2 tanks from German stock in exchange for tank deliveries to Ukraine.

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