Germany sleeps at war with Russia – Former Intel chief – RT World News.

Hans-Georg Massen, once head of Germany’s internal intelligence service, has spoken out against arms supplies to Ukraine.

Hans-Georg Massen, who was president of the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution from 2012-18, a German domestic security official, warned that the country “Dizziness“Ukraine supplies arms in direct military conflict with Russia.

Appearing on a TV special in Berlin on Wednesday, Mason said he opposes German arms supplies to Ukraine, citing an earlier ruling by the International Court of Justice, which, according to a former official, ruled in favor of one. The parties to a conflict also make the supplier a party to the conflict.

From my point of view, when we supply weapons, not helmets, not bandages, it means we are automatically taking the risk of becoming a party to the war,Mason argues.

We are now a fighting party for Ukraine. Let it sink: we are a fighting party. Against Russia.

The former official further said that he was appalled by the lack of public discussion on the issue.

According to him, by continuing to supply arms to Ukraine, unlike Ukraine, Russia or the United States, Germany could become a target of Russian aggression without any clear purpose of its own.

The former intelligence chief argued that, contrary to what the German media was saying, “Ukraine is not a stronghold of human rights, freedom, peace and Western values.He called on the German leadership to consider why they were opening up the country.Danger of nuclear conflict.

Boris Johnson wants heavy weapons for Ukraine

According to Massen, there are about 119 American military installations on German soil, which could be targeted by Moscow in case of war. He went on to compare Germany to an American. “Aircraft carriers with about 80 million nativesLiving on the ship.

The former intelligence chief also questioned the effectiveness of Germany’s own civil defense and armed forces in the war, arguing that German society was not mentally prepared for war because the country had no experience of the difficulties it brings. In many decades. After all, according to Massen, a deep conflict with Russia would be wise for Berlin, as Germany is dependent on Russian gas imports and does not produce enough wheat and fertilizer.

Nevertheless, Germany is arming Ukraine and putting it on its own line of defense, the former official said.

Like insomnia, we are falling asleep in a conflict here.

Without any clear motive or action plan, one wonders how it will end for Germany, Mason added.

In late February, just days after Russia invaded Ukraine, German Chancellor Olaf Schulz announced that Berlin would supply Kiev with man-portable anti-aircraft, as well as anti-tank missiles. According to media reports, citing unnamed Ukrainian officials, Berlin supplied the Eastern European country with 100 machine guns, 100,000 hand grenades, 2,000 mines and more than 16 million rounds of ammunition.

As the conflict progresses, the Ukrainian leadership calls on its Western allies to send heavy weapons as well. Berlin has finally given the green light to supply Gapard anti-aircraft vehicles, with the defense ministry promising to send the first 15 vehicles in July.

Scholz has pledged to donate seven self-propelled 155-mm Howitzer 2000; However, according to DW, the hardware needs to be implemented first, which means Kyiv will probably not receive them until the summer.

Berlin has also approved a deal for the Kraus-Maffey Wegman manufacturer to supply dozens of Leopard 1 tanks. Delivery, however, is apparently volatile, with media reports citing a lack of ammunition and spare parts.

Senior Ukrainian officials, including German Ambassador Andrei Melnik, have repeatedly criticized the leadership in Berlin, claiming that the German government was dragging its feet on the supply of heavy weapons. Kyiv is urging its allies to hand over Leopard 1 tanks and Murder infantry vehicles as soon as possible.

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