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An investigation by the German government has revealed that more than 300 members of the country’s security services are in contact “Right-wing” Extremism, which includes officers who have joined “Hail Hitler” Slogan and Nazi salute.

“We will not allow our democratic constitutional state to be undermined by right-wing extremists.” The country’s interior minister, Nancy Faiser, said in a statement on Friday. “Every case of extremism must have clear consequences.” He added that Berlin would eliminate all existing legal options for dealing with extremists in the country’s security position and would propose legislation to help. “Quickly remove the enemies of the Constitution from public service.”

The investigation examined and disclosed 860 suspected cases of extremist behavior as of July 2018 “Real proof” Against 327 employees of the security services at the federal and state levels. Germany’s Military Intelligence Service (MAD) was the hardest hit with the criminals, with 83 employees found to be involved in the activity. “Against the Basic Order of Free Democracy,” The report said. Federal Police is in second place with 18 employees.

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The Interior Ministry has identified 138 extremists working in federal agencies and 189 at the state level. Germany’s security services employ more than 640,000 people

“In each of these cases, there is too much.” Faisal told reporters that more than 500 disciplinary action had been taken against security personnel with links to extremism.

Germany’s first nationwide survey of far-right extremists nearly two years ago found hundreds of cases of alleged misconduct involving soldiers, police officers and other officials at the country’s security services, a report on Friday said. Although the number of cases was smaller than the size of Germany’s security personnel, the authors of the 2020 report acknowledged that “It can be assumed that there is a dark field.” Unknown extremists.

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In many cases sharing extremist symbols or images, such as swastikas, is involved. The latest review found a “Different” Join extremist chat groups, spread and create extremist propaganda “A politically motivated insult.” Some were suspected to be members of the staff “Richsburger” Movement, which denies the legitimacy of the modern German state.

Concerns about extremism have grown in Germany’s security ranks in recent years, with high-profile cases involving police officers and members of the military. One of the lawsuits was against an army officer accused of planning a terrorist attack in order to pretend to be a Syrian refugee.

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