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Victor Urban warns that sanctions against Moscow could have negative effects, leading to food poverty and mass immigration

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has challenged the European Union’s tough sanctions on Russia, comparing the measures to a nuclear bomb that could ignite a counter-fire, creating a food crisis and widespread migration in Europe.

During a meeting with Serbian President Alexander Vusic at the Novi Saade International Agriculture Fair on Saturday, Urban made it clear that Budapest did not agree with the decision taken in Brussels on anti-Russian sanctions. The prime minister said punitive measures could hurt Hungary, causing inflation and weakening the economy.
Hungarian PM goes to explain “Imposition of sanctions against Russia“Like”Equivalent to an atomic bomb,“Because they could potentially lead to a situation where Hungary will not.”Be able to feed our people.On top of that, he said recent developments could lead to a new immigration crisis.

Hungarian leader warns of “Hard winter“Forward, because”Our inflation, rising inflation, famine in many parts of the world, and our war in Ukraine.

Urban added that both Hungary and Serbia have a fair share of their problems – the former being an EU member state and the latter being out of the bloc.

Hungary has accused the EU of abusing its power

He emphasized the importance of agro-industry in overcoming the migration crisis, predicting that farmers would be “Heroes2022.

The Serbian president agreed with Urban’s views on the upcoming winter and the importance of preserving domestic products and food, saying “Farmers will save lives in difficult times in Serbia and elsewhere.

Vusik thanked Hungary for keeping its energy reserves in the country.

The two leaders pledged to help each other, with President Vusk saying “If Hungary lacks something, Serbia will be there, if we lack something, the first call would be Budapest.

While condemning Russia’s military action against Ukraine, Hungary, unlike many other European states, has stopped Kiev from supplying arms or allowing shipments from third countries to pass through its territory. Prime Minister Urban has insisted he does not want to drag Hungary into conflict.

At the same time, the Central European country has opened its doors to thousands of Ukrainian refugees fleeing the war.

Regarding anti-Russian sanctions, the Hungarian leadership has repeatedly warned the EU that sanctions on Russian oil and gas would be a red line for Budapest, as Hungary is heavily dependent on Russian energy imports.

Urban blocked the European Union’s sixth sanctions package against the Kremlin earlier this month because it would force member states to stop buying Russian oil. Budapest insists it cannot do so overnight without a heavy blow to its own economy. After all, a conversion to alternative sources of energy would be costly, Urban requested Brussels to cover Hungary’s estimated costs, totaling several million dollars.

So far, both sides are working to reach an effective agreement.

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