“If we take the right measures,” says the World Health Organization in MonkeyPix

'If we take the right measures ...': World Health Organization at MonkeyPix

An official said there was a window of opportunity to prevent the spread of monkeypox.


A senior official at the World Health Organization said on Friday that holding monkeypox in non-native countries should be a priority, saying it could be achieved through swift action.

Monkeypox, usually a mild viral infection, is endemic in African countries but it has raised concerns in non-native countries such as Europe and the United States. So far, there are more than 200 confirmed or suspected countries where the virus has not been transmitted before in about 20 cases.

Sylvie Bryand, director of the World Health Organization’s Global Infectious Diseases Hazard Preparedness, said in a technical briefing to member states at the UN World Health Organization’s annual meeting:

He stressed that there is a window of opportunity to prevent further spread, urging the general public not to be concerned because infections are much slower than other viruses such as coronavirus.

WHO officials say there is currently no need for mass vaccinations, but targeted vaccinations are given for close contact with infected people.

“Investigating cases, finding contacts, isolation at home will be your best bet,” said Rosamund Lewis, head of the WHO emergency program, head of the Smallpox Secretariat, WHO.

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