India criminalizes sex

The country’s Supreme Court has ruled that prostitution is a legal profession

Indian sex workers “Entitled to equal protection of the lawA three-judge Supreme Court panel headed by Justice El Nageshwar Rao announced on Thursday that “Criminal law must apply equally to all cases on the basis of age and consent

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Abusing the academic legitimacy of a university that trains sex workers

As long as the sex workers consent to the adults, the judge has ruled, the police cannot intervene or take criminal action against them. Voluntary sex work is not illegal, and running a brothel remains a crime.

Regardless of occupation, Article 21 of the Constitution provides that every person in this country has the right to a dignified life.The judges wrote. Mothers who work in the sex trade should not deprive their children of custody, nor should they assume that children in brothels or sex workers will be trafficked.

In addition, the police must not discriminate against sex workers who are victims of sexual harassment. The judges, especially the police, “Brutal and violent“Attitude towards sex workers, lament”As if they are a class whose rights are not recognizedJustice Rao stressed that the authorities refrain from forcing sex workers to seek asylum or correctional facilities against their will.

The court also warned the media.Extreme caution should be exercised not to reveal the identities of sex workers during arrests, raids and rescue operations, either as victims or accused, and not to publish or telecast any images that result. [the] This kind of identity is revealed“While prostitution can no longer be justified as a criminal offense, it remains so.

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At the July 28 hearing, the court sought an answer to his recommendation.

Prostitution law in India does not explicitly prohibit the practice of sex work but prohibits the ownership of brothels and prostitution in public.

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