Is Biden’s Taiwan’s defensive remarks a negligence, an attempt to show strength, or

The Secretary of Defense quickly returned the “promise” of military involvement

All geopolitical considerations are being thrown out of the window because US President Joe Biden’s negligence and off-the-cuff remarks at the press conference have threatened geopolitical stability.

Speaking at a news conference in Tokyo on Monday, Biden’s failure to control his words angered China. During questioning from the press gallery, he was asked if he would involve the U.S. military in a possible confrontation with China over the Chinese aggression in Taiwan.

“Yes,” Biden says “That’s what we promised.”

His remarks come in the face of a long-standing US policy of “strategic ambiguity” about Taiwan, which has allowed US relations with China to remain neutral, without the need for Taiwan to come to China’s aid – at least militarily.

The United States is ready to fight China over Taiwan - Biden

The policy provides Taiwan with only a limited amount of resources for self-defense, and was enacted by the Taiwan Relations Act of 1979 to prevent China from changing the status of the island.

Officially, the United States does not recognize Taiwan’s bid for sovereignty, and recognizes the Chinese government in Beijing as the official ruler of Taiwan, in line with China’s one-China policy.

Even as the American economy faces the risk of stagnation, under Biden, the United States has shown a willingness to blow up budgets and pass huge spending bills in support of foreign interests. According to the New York Times, the Biden administration has spent $ 54 billion in support of Ukraine in its dispute with Russia.

What was once a rallying cry for the Liberals against Trump, who warned at every turn that the former president’s reckless rhetoric risked starting World War III, has now become an almost weekly occurrence for the current commander-in-chief.

Biden’s failure to control his words has angered China, which has issued an immediate response. “Strong dissatisfaction and strong opposition” His comment, that adds up “There is no room for compromise or compromise on issues involving China’s core interests, such as China’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.”

In an official statement, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin warned that the country wants to take over. “We are committed to safeguarding its sovereignty and security interests, and we will do whatever we say.”

When China says it will do what it says, you believe it.

The United States is using Ukraine to escalate tensions with Taiwan, but China is unlikely to fall into Washington's trap.

Biden’s remarks risked years of undoing the government’s policy of “strategic ambiguity” in the face of cheap talk in the face of numerous catastrophes against Russia – especially because domestic issues remain unresolved.

With endless supply chain crises, epidemic-era restrictions, and a number of new crises in its administration’s own creation, such as child shortages, the withdrawal of catastrophic Afghanistan, massive illegal immigration to the southern border, and skyrocketing inflation, Biden faces every day Americans face Likes to turn the sight outwards.

In response to Russian President Vladimir Putin’s engagement in Ukraine, the United States issued a tough economic response, with Biden, at the time, bragging. “As a result of our unprecedented sanctions, [Russian] The ruble was reduced to rubble almost immediately. “

Contrary to his expectations, the ruble is far ahead of other currencies in the market, which is facing a recession as a result of the same sanctions – no one else is surprised. According to Bloomberg details, the ruble has increased its profits to become the best-performing currency of the year. On Monday, the ruble reached a seven-year high against the euro in retaliation for the Russian government. So much for ruining the ruble.

Instead of accepting the loss and acknowledging its policy failures, Biden has now turned against China – America’s next biggest rival to Russia. He is trying to assert himself at the expense of American taxpayers who end up billing for his foreign efforts – and he is doing so at the risk of American security, not to mention the stability of the world. His remarks were not even endorsed by the Department of Defense, which has made it clear that there has been no change in US government policy towards Taiwan.

U.S. lawmakers arrive in undeclared Taiwan

“As the president has said, our one-China policy has not changed.” Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, who stressed that there was no change in policy in response to questions from confused journalists.

He reiterated our commitment to that policy and the Taiwanese approach to peace and stability. He also outlined our commitment under the Taiwan Relations Act to provide Taiwan with a means of self-defense. So, again, our policy does not change. “ Says Austin. Just ignore the fact that Biden said yes when asked if he would deploy American troops to protect Taiwan.

Despite any denials from the White House, China must accept what the so-called “free world leader” has said, even if Biden’s staff tries to undo his apparent mistake. This raises the question: was his words mere gestures or was he speaking the quiet part aloud?

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