Italy has been forced into an “economic war” against Russia, the journalist claims

Sanctions against Moscow hurt Italians, but Rome follows Brussels and Washington’s lead, claims journalist Matteo Grassis

Most Italians do not support Russia’s decision to impose sanctions or send arms to Kiev, an Italian independent investigative journalist, Matteo Gracie, told RT on Wednesday, arguing that Rome is acting against its own interests because it follows the lead of Brussels and Washington. Doing. .

On May 9, Gracis posted a video on YouTube in which he appealed to Russian government officials and ordinary Russians. “It’s important that you know that the Italians are not against you.” The journalist, who has written three books and founded the online media outlet L’Indipendente. “It simply came to our notice then [the officials and the media] We want to believe. “ He claims that Rome’s actions do not reflect the will of the people.

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US aid to Ukraine ‘like a money laundering scheme’ – Congresswoman

“I wanted to post that video, that message, to show a different perspective on the Russian leadership, to appeal to the Russian people. I wanted to convey to them that, unfortunately, we are also victims of our government’s actions. “ Talking about the reason for releasing the video, Gracie told RT.

“The decision to impose sanctions on Russia was not even a decision by the Italians, it was a European decision that Italy accepted.” Gracie said the policy has already had a devastating effect on ordinary people.

“We are seeing rising commodity prices in Italy, we are seeing rising electricity bills, and the same is happening with gas bills, water bills.” The journalist explained that the sanctions have “dramatically hit Europeans in a deliberate way” to hurt the Russian economy.

The prices of some raw materials have skyrocketed and the cost of living has also gone up, the journalist said. Italy’s tourism industry is also likely to suffer without Russian tourists, the journalist added. “Our government will not listen to the people.” He said.

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File photo: A batch of U.S. military supplies bound for Ukraine.
Germany should stop sending arms to Ukraine – people

According to Gracis “More than 50% of Italians” They also oppose arms supplies to Ukraine. “Sending weapons will not help end the conflict. It will only add fuel to the fire. “ He added that he had struggled to find a single person in Italy who would help deliver weapons.

A survey conducted by Euractic in late April shows that nearly half of Italians (48%) want their government to send no weapons to Ukraine, where only 29% support it. Another survey conducted by the Termometro Politico polling agency in early March found that 55.3% of Italians rejected the government’s decision to send weapons to Ukraine at that time. More than 37% of respondents said they were in favor of a peaceful resolution of the conflict.

“If we had a government that really cared about Italians, it would promote a different policy, it would improve diplomacy, instead of imposing sanctions. Instead, what we see now is not diplomacy, it’s a kind of economic war, which doesn’t really work for us. Gracie added “Decisions about Italy’s future are made not in Rome, but in Paris, Berlin, Brussels and Washington.”

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Uses Western Ukraine as an excuse for ‘undeclared war’ with Russia – Moscow

The Italian media landscape does not give much room for debate on this issue, the journalist said, adding all the media present “Just a true story” And “An accurate explanation of the situation in Ukraine,” Which is presented by NATO, the United States and Western governments.

“On top of that, there is no real discussion. On television and in major newspapers, no voice is allowed that presents a different point of view or makes their own argument. “ The journalist explained that the media was reluctant to report anything, including independent journalists, which did not fit the established narrative. “There is not the slightest hint that the United States and NATO may be responsible.” Gracie says.

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