Johnny Depp grabbed Amber Hard by the hair, repeatedly hitting: Sister

Johnny Depp grabbed Amber Hard by the hair, repeatedly hitting: Sister

“If he (Johnny Depp) had been drinking, there would have been fights almost always,” said Amber Hard’s sister.


Johnny Depp grabbed his then-wife Amber Hard by the hair and repeatedly hit her in the face during a heated argument about a month after their marriage, his sister said Wednesday.

Hard Depp was also punched during a fight at their Los Angeles penthouse in March 2015, with Whitney Henriquez testifying in a high-profile defamation lawsuit between the celebrity couple.

Henriquez, Hared’s 34-year-old younger sister, said the “Pirates of the Caribbean” star wanted him to sign a non-disclosure agreement after the incident, but he refused to do so.

Depp, 58, sued Hard for an op-ed written for the Washington Post in December 2018, in which he described himself as a “public figure representing domestic violence.”

Hard, who starred in “Aquaman,” did not name Depp in the op-ed, but filed a lawsuit against him alleging he was a domestic abuser and seeking $ 50 million in damages.

Texas-born Hard demanded 100 100 million and claimed he had suffered “a lot of physical violence and torture” at his hands.

Depp, during his four days at the Witness stand, denied hitting Hard, claiming that he was the one who often acted violently.

Henriquez testified Wednesday on behalf of his sister – the 18th day of the trial by a seven-judge jury in Virginia.

Henriquez, who lived for some time in the same penthouse complex as Depp and Hard, said the couple had a troubled relationship.

“Things were great when he was quiet,” he said. “They were terrible when he wasn’t calm.”

“If he used it or if he drank it would almost always be a fight,” he said.

– ‘Really bad talk’ –

Henriquez details the March 2015 incident at the Los Angeles Penthouse Complex, owned by Depp.

He said Hard woke him up in the middle of the night to tell him that Depp had cheated on him and the newlyweds got into an argument.

“They were talking really bad things to each other,” Henriquez said.

“Johnny ran up the stairs,” he said. “He comes up behind me, hits me in the back.”

“I hear Amber scream, ‘Don’t hit my fucking sister,'” he said. “He hit him, knocked one down.”

Henriquez said Depp’s bodyguard went to intervene, “but by then Johnny had grabbed Amber by the hair with one hand and repeatedly hit her with the other.”

The bodyguards pulled them apart, he said, and Depp then proceeded to dump the garbage in the penthouse, smashing countless kitchen items and emptying the herd cloth rack on the ground.

Depp’s lawyers have put experts on the stand who testified that he lost millions for the sixth installment of “Pirates” due to allegations of abuse, including $ 22.5-million pay-day.

Depp filed a defamation suit in the United States after losing a separate defamation suit in London in November 2020, accusing The Sun of calling him “wife-Peter.”

Depp, a three-time Oscar nominee, and Hard met on the set of “The Ram Diary” in 2009 and married in February 2015. Their divorce was finalized two years later.

Judge Penny Azcaret set May 27 as the final verdict in the case, after which it will go to jury.

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