Johnny Depp speaks to fans on Jack Sparrow Voice outside the court

Johnny Depp speaks to fans on Jack Sparrow Voice outside the court

Johnny Depp exchanged views with fans outside the courtroom last week.

Actor Johnny Depp spoke to fans in the voice of his most iconic character, Captain Jack Sparrow, as he walked out of court for a legal battle against his ex-wife, Amber Hard. Fans got engaged last week and the video is still circulating on the internet.

Fans greeted Mr. Depp, who was taken off the court with glee, and the actor shook hands with the back seat of the SUV.

“We love your hair,” a fan is heard shouting in the video, and Mr. Depp pulls his ponytail.

Another fan shouted, “You’ll always be our Captain Jack Sparrow,” to which Depp responded in the iconic voice of a drunken character.

“He’s still somewhere nearby. I see him again and again. Show him now and again,” Mr Depp is heard saying in the video.

She filed a 50 million defamation suit against Miss Hard for an op-ed The Washington Post In 2018, where he complained that he had been the victim of domestic violence.

Although he did not name Mr. Depp, the actor claimed that he was “excluded”.Caribbean piratesSuffrage due to allegations.

Miss Hard also filed a 100 100 million counter lawsuit against Mr. Depp.

The two actors have testified against each other and made serious allegations. Although Miss Hard maintained that Mr. Depp had assaulted her, the 58-year-old actor, during his four days in the witness position, denied hitting Miss Hard or any other woman and claimed that he was often the victim of violence.

On sunday Deadline Reports that Mr Depp will again take a stand against Miss this week.

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