Kovid fines Argentine president ড 24,000 for dinner during lockdown

President of a country, lockdown party and 24,000 fine

Argentine President Alberto Fernandez and First Lady have been fined three million pesos.

Buenos Aires:

Argentine President Alberto Fernandez and First Lady were fined three million pesos (about ,000 24,000) in charitable donations on Monday, in defiance of legal proceedings against them for missing out on a birthday dinner during an epidemic lockdown.

A federal judge has approved the president’s proposal for “economic compensation”, where he will pay 1.6 million pesos to a prestigious vaccine research institute, the Melbourne Institute.

His partner, Fabiola Yanez, offered a 1. 1.4 million grant, which was approved.

Prosecutors began an investigation last year into a suspected breach of health protocol by a center-left leader after the first woman’s birthday dinner was leaked in July 2020 at the presidential residence Quinta de Olive in Buenos Aires. Iris suburb.

At the time, the capital was subject to a strict Covid-19 lockdown, including a ban on all gatherings – even for funerals.

A remorseful Fernandez, himself a professor of criminal law, pleaded that it was “not a corrupt act, but recklessness and negligence,” calling it a “mistake, a slippage” in terms of an “epidemic management push.”

Prosecutors symbolically set aside compensation for the cost of a respirator and intensive care.

According to some local media, the 63-year-old head of state has to take out a bank loan to be able to pay the fine.

The release of a photo of the dinner with a dozen guests sparked a flood of criticism in the epidemic-hit country and drew criticism from both Fernandez’s own party and the opposition.

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