Like the Russian offensive World War 2 movie in Donbass, says the Ukrainian foreigner

Ukraine says the Russian offensive is like a World War II movie in Donbass

Ukraine war: Some villages and towns no longer in Donbass, says Ukrainian minister


Ukraine’s Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba said on Wednesday that the fighting in the city of Donbass was as bad as people might have seen in World War II movies and blamed Russia for blocking Ukraine’s food shipments for the entire food crisis. The world

‘Some villages and towns are no more. It’s destructive there, “he told a news conference during the 2022 World Economic Forum’s annual meeting here.

“One of the things I’ve discussed here in Davos is weapons. Russia has overwhelmed us with the weapons they have, “he told reporters.

Also, we talked about sanctions. We are annoyed at least to say that the six EU sanctions are hanging unbalanced because of the de facto veto system, “he said.

“The obvious reason why the world is facing a food crisis is because Russia is blocking our shipments of food to ports,” Kuleba said.

The minister said he was more concerned about sanctions than weapons at the moment. He also warned that Europe could face a war if Russia were as it is today.

Kuleba said he had not heard of any Russian initiative to create a safe corridor for food shipments stuck in Ukrainian ports.

According to him, this is a matter of food security for the whole world and for any safe passage, the ports dug by Russia must first be de-mined. “Once the safe passage is established, there is no guarantee that Russia will not violate the terms of the passage,” he said.

Confidence with Russia is a big problem. There are many safety issues involved, but we are ready to consider all proposals because we do not want the world to be responsible for the food crisis in any way. But the question remains, should we trust Russia, “said Kuleba.

Asked if diplomacy could end the war, he said all wars ended diplomatically, but Russia’s intentions were called into question when they launched such a devastating attack on the city of Donbass.

The minister said Vladimir Putin was offering Russian passports in their occupied territories and that this was not done when anyone was interested in negotiations.

Regarding financial aid from other countries, he said that what he was talking about was petty financial aid and not general financing, and that he was not interested in taxpayers’ money in friendly countries.

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