Mark Zuckerberg, wife celebrating 10 years of marriage

'More Adventures': Mark Zuckerberg, wife celebrates 10 years of marriage

The picture shows many loving couples holding each other’s hands and smiling.


Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has celebrated a decade of his marriage to Priscilla Chan by recreating a scene from their wedding. The photo shared by her on Facebook shows many loving couples holding each other’s hands and smiling.

“We’ve been married for ten years and we’ve been together for half a lifetime. There is more adventure here, “said Mr Zuckerberg.

Later, the billionaire entrepreneur, 38, in the comments section, removed the same image from his wedding album. He wrote, “And, the same picture of our wedding 10 years ago.”

Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan met at Harvard University and began dating in 2003. They got married in an amazing ceremony in May 2012.

Mrs. Chan, 37, is a pediatrician and social worker. After graduating from Harvard University, he studied medicine at the University of California.

A Facebook post celebrating their 10th wedding anniversary went viral, with several people sending their greetings to the couple.

One user wrote, “Mark Zuckerberg, happy anniversary and you all have a much happier year together.

“Congratulations on another wonderful year of falling in love with each other. Happy Anniversary, Mark and Priscilla, ”read a comment.

Another said, “Happy birthday to both of you. You both feel like a modern day Cinderella story. “

A few people quickly pointed to the girl’s playhouse in a recent photo.

“Ah … I like it, and now there’s a girls’ playroom in the picture. Congratulations and happy anniversaries, Mark and Priscilla, ”one person wrote.

In response, Mark Zuckerberg said, “Our favorite upgrade.”

In December 2015, Mr. Zuckerberg announced the birth of their first daughter, Maxima Chan Zuckerberg. In August 2017, the couple welcomed their second daughter. They named it “August”.

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