Mattel pays tribute to actor Laver Cox, reveals first transgender Barbie doll

Mattel pays tribute to actor Laver Cox, reveals first transgender Barbie doll

The new doll was released on May 25 by Mattel.

Mattel, a toy company owned by Barbie, has launched its first transgender doll in honor of Orange Is the New Black actor Laver Cox. The Emmy winner is one of the most prominent transgender activists in the United States.

The Barbie Tribute Collection Laver Cox Doll was released on Wednesday. It is selling at, 40 on Amazon, Walmart, Target and

On her website, Mattel unveiled the doll before the actor’s 50th birthday, describing Cox as “the first transgender woman to star in a scripted TV show.”

“She is wearing a triple-threat original design with a deep red tool gown over a gorgeous, silver metallic bodysuit. Her hair floats in the waves of glamorous Hollywood when dramatic makeup completes her look, ”according to the product description on Mattel’s website.

Tinu Naija, a New York-based Barbie enthusiast, was among those who ordered the doll after its release.

“The inclusion of a transgender personality is groundbreaking for kids and adult doll collectors,” Niza said in an interview, according to The Washington Post. “It’s even bigger than Laver Cox. It will destroy many generations to come. “

It comes just weeks after Mattel announced a new and “diverse” collection of Barbie dolls, which will include the first Barbie with a hearing aid behind the ear, a doll with an artificial leg and a cane doll with a skin condition vitiligo.

The 2022 Fashionista lineup – which will be officially released in June – will help kids “see themselves reflected”, Mattel’s global head of Barbie dolls, Lisa McKnight, said in a statement.

Mrs McKnight added that children should be encouraged to play with dolls to help them “understand and celebrate the importance of inclusion” which is not the same as theirs.

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